5 Ways to Create a Minimalist Home Design

5 Ways to Create a Minimalist Home Design Simplevery
The term minimalist has become incredibly popular lately, thanks to the popularity of celebrities and bloggers who have adopted this look in their homes. However, if you’re not familiar with minimalist design, it can be challenging to know where to start when redesigning your own home or apartment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create a minimalist home design that will improve your home while making it easier to maintain and clean up after. Here are five tips on how to create a minimalist home design that you can use right away!

1) Less is More
It’s no secret that less clutter in your home means you spend less time cleaning and doing laundry. That translates into more free time for family, friends, and yourself! The less stuff you have around, the fewer cleaning products you’ll need (and use). When you buy items for your house, ask yourself if you really need it before buying—that surely I can find some use for it attitude can lead down a dangerous path of clutter accumulation.

2) Work with your Furniture
Getting rid of your cluttered junk isn’t always an option (depending on where you live and how many roommates you have), but choosing furniture with storage built in can really help declutter a room. Table lamps are great for corners or surfaces that don’t get much light, and nightstands with drawers make things like remote controls, chargers, and cell phones easy to store when they aren’t being used.

3) Use Natural Light
Natural light is one of your home’s best sources of natural inspiration. You don’t need to furnish your entire house with floor-to-ceiling windows, but use what you have in ways that make sense. Move furniture away from windows and let natural light flood into empty spaces. Hang window coverings that allow you to control how much or little light gets through. And don’t forget about skylights!

4) Make Your Colors Pop
When it comes to minimalist home design, less is more—which means your furnishings, appliances and fixtures should stand out. When picking out colors for your interior design, don’t be afraid of bolder choices; use them sparingly but effectively and they’ll help make everything else in your home look sleek and minimal.

5) Don’t Be Afraid of Vibrant Colors
Color can make even simple designs look complex, so use pops of color (not entire rooms) for a fun and unique effect. Try something bold like red, purple or yellow. However, if you’re not sure how much color to use, it’s easy to add paint in small quantities until you find something that complements your home.

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