8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kid's Bedroom

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kid's Bedroom Simplevery
Children’s bedrooms can often be overlooked when it comes to decorating, even though they spend the majority of their time sleeping in there. Kids are notoriously messy and have the ability to destroy even the most seemingly durable objects, which means that any furniture you choose should be strong enough to withstand years of abuse from your little ones. However, this doesn’t mean that children’s rooms need to be boring or bland; on the contrary, there are plenty of stylish and fun ways to decorate your kids bedroom that will inspire them to keep their room clean so that they can enjoy it even more!

8 ways to spruce up your kid’s bedroom
You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to making your kid’s bedroom a fun place for them. Here are some things you can do today

1) Decorate with a Storyline
Kids like to know why they’re being introduced to new things. While you’re out shopping for a rug or paint color, use their bedroom as an opportunity to tell them a story about where each piece of furniture came from or what specific memory it has for you.

2) Add Colorful Accessories
Our surroundings can make a huge difference in our productivity and creativity. If your kid’s room is dull, it could be holding them back—as well as draining their energy. Add some color with accessories, such as artwork or flooring, or even consider painting an accent wall. The right touch of color can boost mood and help kids feel comfortable in their space.

3) Use Patterned Rugs
A lot of parents decide against patterned rugs because they're worried their kids will spill crayons and markers all over them. But there are two sides to that coin: Rugs with lots of bold colors can be more difficult for children who aren't quite good at separating colors yet. Ultimately, it's up to you and your preferences; think about what kinds of activities you'll have in that room, then choose accordingly.

4) Mix Furniture Styles
If you choose one major piece of furniture, such as a headboard or dresser, try mixing it with an entirely different style. A modern-style platform bed can look great next to a vintage chair or chest of drawers. This can be a fun way to get creative and have some fun with your kids’ bedroom décor. Just make sure that whatever design you choose, everything matches well and that everything is properly assembled! You don’t want your kids bouncing off their bed at night!

5) Add Handmade Crafts
A great way to create a fun and kid-friendly design is by adding handmade crafts. It’s also easy to customize these pieces, so they match your child’s unique personality and interests. If you have a daughter who loves princesses, for example, it might be fun to add some decals featuring her favorite characters. These can usually be purchased from any home-goods store and simply applied using stickers or decal adhesive.

6) Include Miniatures
Kids love miniatures, so pick up some toy cars or stuffed animals that fit in with your room’s color scheme. Having a model car next to your bed can be a great conversation starter with your child. And don’t forget about small bookshelf storage bins; you can use them for games, toys and crafts as well as for clothes and other accessories.

7) Showcase Artwork and School Projects
Frame your child’s artwork and school projects, as well as photos of them in their natural habitat: school.

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