5 Tips to Decorate Your Walls and Add Some Character to Your Home

5 Tips to Decorate Your Walls and Add Some Character to Your Home
You can’t just slap some paint on your walls and expect to have an amazing home, but you also don’t want to spend too much time and money on wall decor either. After all, decorating a room should be about adding the right amount of character, not emptying your wallet. That’s why we compiled these 5 tips on how to decorate your walls and add some character to your home, so you can make it beautiful without going broke or spending hours painting. Let’s get started! [..]

1) Use textures
Texture adds depth and interest to a room. Take into account any existing textured surfaces—like hardwood floors or cabinetry—and consider introducing complementary textures, like metal accents on furniture or woven wall hangings. If you want a modern look but don’t have much money to spend, try repainting an entire room in matte black paint (or something similar). It’s edgy and doesn’t require any extra work.

2) Less is more
A lot of people think that in order to add a certain je ne sais quoi to their home they have to buy a lot of things, but what they don’t realize is that less is more. Learn how you can make your walls much more interesting by choosing your artworks wisely and avoiding stuffiness. Try out these tips today!

3) Make it personal
The key to decorating your walls is making them personal. You want to feel comfortable looking at these walls day in and day out. So make sure you choose things that you like, which will hopefully reflect some of your personality. This way when you look at it, you won’t see just another wall – but rather a part of your home that shows who you are as a person.

4) Turn old into new
You can give your home some flair by recycling furniture and decorations. Unused pieces from around your house may have a new life somewhere else in your house. For example, that bookcase you’ve had in storage since college could look brand new with a fresh coat of paint. And don’t be afraid to buy used; while it may not feel like a bargain at first, you can pick up beautiful items at thrift stores for much less than they would cost if they were purchased new.

5) Learn from others' mistakes
The safest route for your walls is a paint-on primer, so make sure you choose one that is formulated for oil-based or latex paints. Once it's applied, sand down any imperfections with fine grit sandpaper before painting with your chosen color.

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