How to Get the Modern Interior Home Design Look

How to Get the Modern Interior Home Design Look Simplevery
Imagine you’re browsing through an open house or touring a model home and you see an amazingly designed kitchen or bathroom that has to be seen to be believed. You must have that, you think to yourself! It’s safe to say that home buyers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to their property purchases, which means that most builders are now keen to get their houses looking as good as possible in order to attract prospective buyers.

- Pick The Right Color Palette
The key to achieving a modern look is simplicity. Selecting bold, contrasting colors can make a room feel cluttered and busy. Instead, stick with neutral tones that blend seamlessly into each other. One of our favorite color combinations is black and white; it’s sleek, elegant and so simple.

- Use Subtle Patterns And Textures
While a home can look good using patterns and textures, make sure they are subtle. Stripes should be thin, while floral designs should be kept in more neutral tones like white or green. When you do use bolder colors, keep them in small doses around your home. They can give your design just enough pop without becoming overwhelming.

- Choose Lighter Elements For Softness
When decorating a modern home, it’s important to remember that most of your furniture will be white or light gray. For example, consider pairing a dark brown leather sofa with pale green walls and beige rugs. Or use black and white photos as artwork on your walls, but add splashes of color via decorative pillows or lamps. These subtle touches will prevent your space from looking monotonous. Another great tip is using light-colored furniture—it creates an airy feel in any room!

- Have Glass Surfaces, Not Walls
If you’re dreaming of a modern home with beautiful views, use large windows or glass doors. Even in rooms without glass walls, including floor-to-ceiling windows is a great way to make your living space feel modern and airy. If possible, all rooms should have views, even if they just look out onto your backyard.

- Use Metal Accents Wisely
Metal accents are striking, but using them can be tricky. Metal fixtures need a delicate touch—too much of a style-statement and you risk coming off tacky; too little, and you’re boring. Keep it tasteful by using metal in frames for art or mirrors (it looks best when it’s painted white or black), or add some shine with a pair of metal wall sconces.

- Add Art To All That White Space
We all know you can’t put a price on great art, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. In fact, thanks to modern artists, affordable art is more available than ever before. Look for unique pieces or limited-edition prints at thrift stores and flea markets. The rest of your space should be as monochromatic as possible, so you needn’t worry about color matching. This will create a clean and elegant vibe throughout your home.

- Carpeting Is Okay, But Only Where It Counts
The place you’ll spend most of your time—your living room, for example—should have carpeting, but use inexpensive vinyl or linoleum in high-traffic areas. In other words, don’t let a desire for beautiful flooring ruin your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

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