British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot - Elevate Your Tea Time Experience

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British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot
British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot
British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot
British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot

The British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot is designed for all tea drinkers who prefer the traditional approach to brewing. The teapots come in a variety of colours and reflect classic design at its best.

Whenever we need a cup of tea, it's nice to know that we have a reliable companion close by. Try our bone china teapots! Collectors love them but they're not stuffy or museum-ish either. They just look good on any table - old or new, with pretty things or without them!

About Bone China Material

Bone China is a hybrid hard-paste porcelain containing bone ash.  Bone china is extremely hard, intensely white and will allow light to pass through it.  Strength is provided by the fusion of body ingredients during firing. This unique pottery body is made from the following: 50% animal bone, 25% china clay, 25% china stone. First or biscuit firing 1200 C - 1300 C. Second or glost firing 1050 C - 1100 C.  Calcined bone ash is used in the production of bone china and makes up about 50% by weight of the final body recipe. It is produced from animal bone, which is first processed to remove any adhering meat which is generally sold as pet food. The bone is then treated to remove glue, which is processed and upgraded for use in normal applications where glue is used, and also for the sizing of expensive paper. The raw bone which is left after the meat and glue have been extracted is then heated to about 1000 C at which temperature any residual organic material is burned off and the structure of the bone is changed to form suitable for the manufacture of bone china. The high temperature used also sterilizes the bone. Prior to use the bone is finely ground with water before inclusion in the bone china body and it is calcined bone which gives traditional English bone china its translucency and whiteness.

Advantage Of Bone China
Bone china has a number of advantages including how easy it is to clean up, its non-toxic and eco-friendly properties which make it safe for use around food, the soft and bright light that shines through its transparent body while never fading. It also possesses an elegant look with patterns made from precise 2nd times burnt craftsmanship; this makes bone China one of the most fashionable dinnerware sets on today's market.

Scope Of Application
Oven ×  Sterilizer √  Microwave ×  Dishwasher √

British Classic Bone China Ceramic Teapot

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Sujeeva Rajasegaram
Order out of stock and not received

While the website advertised the model I’d been waiting for (for a year) was now in stock, an employee reached out after I submitted my order to advise the model was not available and if I’d accept an alternative. When I expressed that I’d been waiting a year for it come back in stock and sent them my preferred alternative, I have not received any communication or confirmation that this order was fulfilled nor was I given a refund. I also have not received any product. This has been a terrible experience and will not purchase or recommend. Can someone please reach out via phone to resolve? Thank you.

Jack Pena

Love it

Jonathan Jensen

Very beautiful

Hicks Kathleen


Amanda Gray

Good Goods. Thank you very much. Fast delivery! I recommend the seller.

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