White Gilt Rim Ceramic Dining Plate & Bowl Set - Elegant & Stylish Tableware

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White Gilt Rim Ceramic Dining Plate & Bowl Set

This is the only set of its kind. The dazzling gold plated rims that emanate with a bright, golden shine are what makes this ravishing set so captivating. What you wont see anywhere else is the rim's distinct design, which was hand crafted to give it an elegant and refined look. With these colors straight from royalty, we could have called them "King" or "Queen." But since you're not likely to hear anything but an epic chorus singing about your appearance when they come face to face with this masterpiece in your home, we decided on naming it after one of its most showy attributes: Gold. Worth its weight in gold and now yours too!


Material: Ceramic
Process: Gold Plated Rim
Size: As per pictures

Customer Reviews

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Cunningham Melissa

It's really small but very pretty

Peter Mendez

the products are beautiful and the delivery was very fast

Douglas Gutierrez

I recomend the seller. Communication with the seller was super. He/she was very helpful. I love this set. Can't wait to use them.

Andrew Welch

after one dinner

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