Owl Sculpture Ornament - Modern Home Decor

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Owl Sculpture Ornament Modern Home Decor
The big eyes of the owl are fascinating, lively and interesting. Adopting iron material, it is handmade by stamping, welding and other processes which make this piece both beautiful to look at as well as being eco-friendly without any rust problems. The combination of blue green color with golden accent makes for a dazzling appearance that will complement your modern home décor wonderfully while also adding something unique you won't find in stores around town! Hanging on an overextended spring from his head so he can shake after someone interacts with him too much or else just sitting there watching over everyone like a hen guarding her chicks - whatever mischief one gets into out in public spaces they know their guardian's eye has them covered no matter what happens because they have

Material: Iron
Color: Yellow, orange and silvery gray 
Size: 19*11*23cm / 7.5*4.3*9in (L*W*H)
Weight: 380g / 13.4oz

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