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Smart Phone Wireless Charging Speaker Round Side Table

Ever wanted a round table that could charge your phone and play music? Well, you're in luck. This all-in-one piece of furniture can do just that! No need to worry about wires or chords getting tangled up on the floor because this modern day marvel will keep everything right at bay (literally). Not only does it offer wireless charging for any device with bluetooth capabilities so long as its within 10 meters, but also lets would be musicians enjoy their favorite tunes without having to whisper them into someone's ear like cavemen did back then. Unlike most speakers out there today however; these ones have been designed specifically for larger spaces where sound quality is more important than volume due to how much better they are when compared side by side

Built-in bluetooth full range stereo speaker
Built-in external charging USB interface
Built-in 10000mAh polymer battery
Support dual-machine wireless interconnection to form surround speakers
Support built-in battery-powered playback
Support external power bank battery life
Support external charger power supply (matching)

Material: Solid Wood & Cotton linen
Size: Top 40cm x 11cm H, overall 40cm dia. x 60cm H

Smart Phone Wireless Charging Speaker Round Side Table

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Benjamin Reid

perfect product and its loud and it bangs good bass for the price. wirless charging works like a charm. looks great always get good compliments.Easy to assemble as well, screw in the 3 legs and your done!

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