5 Tips to Achieve the Look of Expensive Home Decor on a Budget

5 Tips to Achieve the Look of Expensive Home Decor on a Budget Simplevery
While it’s true that decorating your home can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be an incredibly expensive endeavor. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to spend money on expensive furniture and decorations that provide the look of luxury without actually being high-end, but there are plenty of ways to achieve an expensive look on a budget with some imagination and creativity. Here are 5 tips to help you do exactly that.

1) Start with one detail
Rather than going for broke and spending your entire decorating budget on one huge thing, focus your resources by starting with one element. Think about where you spend most of your time in your home, or what rooms are used when company comes over: those should be where you start. If people tend to gather in your kitchen, set yourself up there first.

2) Add texture
Removing wall coverings and applying fresh paint can make your room look spacious and modern, but so can incorporating some texture into your wall or floor covering. By adding patterned or textured wallpaper or carpeting, you’ll feel like you’re getting all-new interiors without having to spring for new materials. Don’t have time for an overhaul? Add some peel-and-stick decals in a fun pattern that changes up the look of your space easily.

3) Experiment with pattern
Just because you have a tight budget doesn’t mean your home has to look bland. Try using interesting patterns or textiles in unexpected ways, like applying patterned wallpaper or paint over existing walls and floors, or layering rugs. By playing with scale, material, or color and design elements like geometric shapes or stripes you can create an alluring look without spending too much money.

4) Create layers
If you can afford it, one great trick for creating an expensive look is layering colors and textures—in other words, using many items in your space rather than fewer. As an example, consider how painting a room red along with adding thick blankets and lots of throw pillows can give off an expensive vibe. When used together like that, these elements come across as more curated than just having one or two big-ticket items in your home.

5) Go monochromatic
Don’t settle for generic white walls when you can turn your space into an elegant gallery for less. Instead of painting each wall a different color, choose just one or two shades and paint everything else white (the walls, ceiling, trim, molding). It will save you time, money and hassle. Mix in some sleek accessories with wood grain and leather finishes to tie it all together. Designers call this monochromatic design but laymen like me just think it looks great!

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