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Art of Arc LED Floor Light Lamp

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The arc of light, breaking through the visual beauty. Elegant arc, winding and degree, full of modern imagination yet ancient in their execution. Built-in highlight LED chip with low energy consumption - high brightness to create a healthy environment which is easy on your eyes without blinding them like other lights can do so easily! The aluminium material has no problem resisting scratches or corrosion from general wear and tear while still maintaining its delicate paint color for years as it longs sturdy but also gentle enough not to ruin our sight when we look at something beautiful again that deserves such consideration given by this artistic curve lamp body made specifically for us who want nothing less than perfection because even though some might say they don't need any more gadgets around taking up

Style: Modern
Size: 32 cm dia. (base), 120 x 165cm H (overall)
Power: 21W-30W
Voltage: 111V~240V
Material of lamp body: Aluminum
Material of the lampshade: PMMA high light transmittance lampshade
Light source: LED
Lighting Area: 10-15square meters

1. RC: Remote control
2. Warm light no RC: Only warm light without remote control
3. Cold light no RC: Only cold light (white light), without remote control
4. Dimmable with RC: including warm light, cold light, neutral light, can freely switch light color, adjustable brightness, with remote control
5. RGB with RC: more than seven color modes, no warm light, neutral light, brightness can be adjusted, with remote control

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