Cattle Modern Art Sculpture Home Decor - Rustic Touch for Your Home

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Color: Green

Cattle Modern Art Sculpture Home Decor This modern sculpture is deceptively simple, yet the unconventional juxtaposition of a traditionally shaped animal with a three dimensional grid floating in space makes it more complex. Build from traditional cattle sculpture and contradictory spaces, this 3D modeling works as an interesting piece to add any home decor. The use of delicate molding technique means that this sculpture has both advanced technology meanings and will be durable enough to hang next to other pieces in your living room while breathing new life into what was once drab wall space!

Material: Resin & Paint
Color: Bronze
Product size: 31 * 10 * 22cm / 12.2 * 3.9 * 8.6in (L * W * H)
Product weight: 921g / 32.5oz

Cattle Modern Art Sculpture Home Decor

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