Vivid Colourful Ceramic Flower Vase Centerpiece

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Thanks to the simple and elegant design, this ceramic vase can provide your interior space with a fresh clean feeling. You can fill it with different flowers like dried or silk ones, branches of vines that trail up from the bottom filling in between pebbles you put at its base. This beautiful vase is made out of advanced pottery clay so has good ability against corrosion - meaning if there's any water left inside when not being used, it'll stay fresher for longer without starting to grow moldy! It also comes in handy because these days no one wants their house smelly even more than usual thanks to all those weird smells coming from outside...and let's face it: we don't want our home smelling bad just as much either

Color: Yellow
Material: Ceramic
Size: 11x11x28cm / 4.3 * 4.3 * 11in
Weight: 1600g / 56.4oz
Vivid Colourful Ceramic Flower Vase Centerpiece