Egyptian Horse Copper Figurine - Artistic and Unique Home Decor

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Egypt Horse Copper Figurine Art Home Decor

This 3D digital modeling of a horse sculpture is both an elegant tribute to the history and culture of Egypt, as well as acknowledgement for modern horses. The artist's attention to detail captures what it would be like if you were right next to this majestic animal in person--the way they have exaggerated refined features on its slender body contrasts with their ready posture that can make anyone just want jump up onto them from excitement. But not only will visitors get lost studying every inch of this piece; there are also details that help balance art with practicality: base design blends into sculpting seamlessly so there isn't anything obstructing your view or simply getting in the way when you're trying take pictures!

Material: Copper
Color: Bronze
Size: 26 * 10 * 30cm / 10.2 * 3.9 * 11.8in (L * W * H)
Weight: 1591g / 56.12oz

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