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French Antique Retro Pillar Candle Holder Stand

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This antique-style French candlestick is perfect for those who are looking to take their interior design one step further and have a space that feels like it has been around for centuries. With the flicker of candlelight, this item will look stunning in any room - making you feel as though your house was once an ancient castle!

This French style candlestick holds its own with its vintage air and stable pedestal that won't easily turn over even when candles are set high. This elegant piece would be absolutely beautiful anywhere in your home; if you're feeling drawn into experiencing something from another time period then go ahead and get yourself this fabulous find before someone else does!

Material: Resin
Stylish in its air of a vintage feeling with the old French design
Stable pedestal to make the candlestick stable

French Antique Retro Pillar Candle Holder Stand

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