Handicraft Motorcycle Retro Home Decor

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This metal motorcycle ornament is handmade and welded by the professional craftsman through a series of cutting, assembling and electroplating processes. The modeling is wild and retro, the color is pure with delicate metallic finish in its entirety. Motorcycle wheels can move freely while also having an aesthetically pleasing shape as well as being great fun to play around with! It's true that such realistic appearance coupled masterful workmanship make it a perfect choice for personal collections or office decorations- but what makes this piece really stand out are all those gorgeous details like cracks from age on the bike handle which show evidence of time passing beautifully into history.

Material: Iron
Color: Silver
Size: 19 * 15 * 11cm / 7.5 * 5.9 * 4.3in (L * W * H)
Weight: 659g / 23.2oz