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Hand Craft Giraffe Art Home Decor

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Hand Craft Giraffe Art Home Decor

This is a giraffe fun ornament, the simple shape with smooth lines that sketches out its vivid form. Made of quality iron materials and handmade by experienced craftsmen through manual processes such as stamping, welded and baking; it has an eco-friendly appearance after being hand painted in various colors. The overall finish on this piece creates a rustless look while maintaining fine workmanship for durability to last your whole lifetime!

This beautiful large size Giraffe Fun Ornament captures every detail from head to tail! It's shaped like the animal but made of high quality metal so even kids can play without worrying about it breaking easily or hurting anyone else when they drop their toys at home or school someday.

Material: Iron
Color: Reddish brown, gold
Size: 12*6*82cm / 4.7*2.4*32.2in
Weight: 730g / 25.7oz

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