HODL Bitcoin Art Poster: Inspirational Crypto Art for Digital Currency Fans

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Size (Inch & Cm): 12 x 16 inch / 30 x 40 cm

HODL Bitcoin Trust & Belief Art Wall Poster - Printing On Canvas

HODL is a word that was coined in the cryptocurrency community to remind people never to sell their bitcoins, but rather store them. HODL Bitcoin Trust & Belief Printing On Canvas Poster Art challenges people who follow these rules and also appropriates the motto by taking it as its own mission statement. This compelling and visually stimulating artwork embodies those same beliefs while paying homage to one of the world's most popular coins. Whether you are interested in investing or simply want a great piece for your home, this work will surely satisfy all embodiments of interest!

The fabric is high-quality waterproof coated cotton canvas with delicate and even texture. It's one of the best materials for a poster, as it has thick sturdy qualities that provide protection from water damage while also being sun protective too! The material was spray painted onto the latest version printer, which makes sure every print is exquisite in quality thanks to its original living color ink printing process. This means your posters will never fade or look dull after time either; they are vivid through and durable!

Material: Canvas
Package content: 1pc, roll in the PVC tube for protection
Note: the frame is not included

HODL Bitcoin Trust & Belief Art Wall Poster - Printing On Canvas

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Gerald Diaz

Was very beautiful!

Kenneth Banks

Everything is clear

Walter Mendez

Looks great! Thank you!

Jesse Foster

Thank you very good!

Juan Payne


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