Stone Face Sculpture: Modern and Artistic Home Decor with Imitate Stone Resin

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The incomplete face sculpture has a beauty of Armbroken Venus, with rich and realistic details that leaves us to imagine the rest. Made from high quality materials like resin, it is durable enough for everyday use without being fragile. The craftsmen have done hand-paintings on this piece which show the texture of stone sculptures providing deep expression in her eyes revealing more about who she might be or what life was really like back then when such things were carved out by hand instead of digitally created as they are now. At 20 inches tall (approx.), you can display this historical artistry anywhere in your home - even if space may be an issue!

Color: Gray
Material: Resin
Size: 25*13*51cm / 9.8*5.1*20in
Weight: 1720g /60.7oz
Imitate Stone Resin Incomplete Face Art Sculpture - Modern Home Decor

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