Incomplete Horse Sculpture Art Home Decor

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The horse sculpture is a work of art that has many beautiful qualities. The incomplete statue creates an Armbroken Venus-esque quality, while also showing the rich detail on its body and leaves for us to imagine what it would look like with limbs. It's made from high quality materials which are eco friendly too. This makes the craftsman’s handiwork all that more impressive as they've done several painting techniques so we can see how realistic stone carvings could be if given time and patience; this attention to detail shows not only creativity but self esteem in their craftsmanship! Standing at 12 inches tall (30 cm), you're sure to appreciate every inch when admiring this piece of artwork

Color: Gray
Material: Resin
Size: 31*16*42cm / 12.2*6.3*16.5in
Weight: 1780g / 62.8oz
Incomplete Horse Sculpture Art Home Decor