Long Tail Cat Kitchen Paper Towel Holder - Home Decor

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The paper towel holder is not only a creativity way to organize your kitchen, but also an artistic masterpiece that can set the tone for your space. The round base with spikes keeps it in place while you enjoy its rust-free metallic finish and delicate design.
It's easy to find this piece of artistry because there are two parts: one being the simple sculpture which rests on top of what resembles a cast iron stand as if about to take flight into another dimension; and secondly, there’s more than just function here - it has form too!


Material: Iron
Color: Black
Size: 10*8*33cm / 3.9*3.1*13in (L*W*H)
Weight: 560g / 19.75oz
Long Tail Cat Kitchen Paper Towel Holder Home Decor

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