Leather Lion Floor Door Stopper

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Many people are unaware that a door stop is more than just an object to hold open the entrance of your home. It can also be used as décor, and with so many styles on offer you’ll never want for something new! The decorative lion toy makes certain that any room will have some animal magic in it - take one home today from our online store or visit us at out physical location near you.

This fun-looking doorstop isn't only useful but adds personality to any area of your house too! This heavy weighted bedtime buddy would make every kid's day if they saw this big cat head waiting by their bedroom doorway when they wake up in the morning. But don't worry grownups get all the love too

Color: Brown and grey
Material: Leather, fabric and quartz sand
Size: 28x14x15cm / 11 * 5.5 * 5.9in
Weight: 1070g / 37.7oz
Leather Lion Floor Door Stopper