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Lizard Art Ornament Modern Home Decor

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The product is a predatory lizard creative ornament. The colored, lifelike lizards are placed on the branches and watch their prey with interest. The tail of it’s natural position as if to take one last leap before harvesting its next meal- always ready for action! This company pays attention to detail when they create all of these products from where each stripe falls across the body in order to make this creature look so realistic down to every scale that covers its skin like armor against predators or environmental factors alike; even exposed at high temperatures or wet during those times rain can be expected due near your home while still looking pristine inside an art gallery setting!


Material: Iron Paint
Color: Blue Yellow Orange Red Blalck
Size: 23 * 10 * 27 cm / 9.0 * 3.9 * 10.6in (L * W * H)
Weight: 550g / 19.4oz

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