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Minimalist Art Wall Clock Decor

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Minimalist Art Wall Clock Decor

Artful. Wrought iron art decor adds personality to any room, with a silent movement that's calming and looks good on your desk or mantelpiece. This creative clock is an emerging trend - the Wall Clocks are made of wrought iron craft with durable materials so it's not easy to break 。It can enjoy affordable prices even without high-end functional requirements such as strength, stability or waterproofness because they are mostly decorative and don't have many technological components inside them. You could buy it for home decoration to enrich your interior design style. It won't trouble you from being afraid that the clock will stop ticking along time because it is absolutely silent! Bring fun moods into your life everyday!

Size: 50cm dia. / 60cm dia.
Weight: 1.2kg / 1.8kg
Material: Iron
Powered by: 1 x AA Carbon Battery (Not included)

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