Golden Marble Dining Set: Elegant and Chic Serving Collection

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Karen Matthews

For a very long time (it was on part of the Russian customs), and this is the only negative. The rest of the dishes are delicious. Recommend!

David Richardson

Plate size 2,5*8,8 cm. As you can see, the plate is small and suitable for small nuts or sauces. Ceramic plate. Coating for marble, plus there is a golden window on the edge.
The plate is made neatly, I did not notice any obvious defects. There are also no chips and cracks. The walls are thick, but by weight the plate is very light.

Martha Hanson

When I receive the package, I was surprised how much stuffing were used. This is the reason you know the seller really cared about their customer’s item and packed really well to avoid any damage during transit!!! I highly recommend this store! Their plates and bowls are really beautiful!!! If I can buy them all, I will!!!

Cynthia Bates

Finally after long time of waiting (approx. 2 month ish ), it comes in a good condition. No crack, no scratches it’s just perfect!

Andrews Jacqueline

Plates were perfectly organized in box and all plates had boxes as to prevent breakages.

Amazing Supplier to deal with :)

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