Plump Woman Thinking Figurine - Stylish Modern Decor

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This dynamic sculpture captures the grace and femininity of a woman. The figure is softened with an exaggerated shape, highlighting her soft body postures as well as female characteristics. Ford's inspiration for this hand-designed creation comes from his reassessment and reshaping of the human form in modernist period art which changed previous imaginary features to make it more functional while still maintaining contemporary looks at its surface treatments that are applied before painting bronze so you can enjoy your elegant taste both inside or outside any room!

Material: Resin, paint
Color: Bronze
Size: 26 * 24.9 * 23.2cm / 10.2 * 9.8 * 9.1in (L * W * H)
Weight: 1300g / 45.9oz
Plump Woman Thinking Figurine Modern Home Decor

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