Cartoon Hanging Rhino Head Home Wall Decor

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This adorable rhino head wall hanging is an 11 inch long, 12.6 inches high and 11.4 inches deep animal shape with a big horn that will add personality to any room in the house! Made of environmentally friendly microfiber leather material, this rhino lives up to its name by being stylishly brown while maintaining reliability for quality products as it has been tested using SGS and AOV standards. The interior is filled with cotton stuffing which makes this product easy-to-clean without sacrificing softness or fullness as hand sewing ensures your child's comfort when they lay on their bed while reading books about animals like Rhinos!

Color: Brown
Material: Microfiber leather and PP cotton
Size: 28*29*32cm / 11.0*11.4*12.6in
Weight: 670g / 23.6oz