Nautical Paper Towel Holder - Sail Away with Style & Functionality

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For your home that has high-quality aesthetics, this paper towel holder is perfect. The blue and white colors are beautiful with a retro metal finish to make it look like an antique warship from days of yore. It’s made out of durable iron so you know its going to last for many years without losing the luster or getting rusty! Adopting eco-friendly baking paint gives it smoothness while also being rust proof which will keep things looking good all year long for any occasion in your kitchen! This detachable plug on the round bar makes replacing the tube super easy and convenient too when needed - plus there's even enough weight up top not only preventing tipping but ensuring stability if someone bumps into one accidentally at night

Material: Iron
Color: Blue, beige, orange 
Size: 17.5*18.5*34cm / 6.9*7.3*13.4in (L*W*H)
Weight: 460g / 16.2oz
Sailing Boat Kitchen Paper Roll Towel Holder Stand

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