Sailing Boat Salt & Pepper Condiment Rack / Holder Stand

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This sailing rack is a work of art. Made from durable and environmentally friendly iron materials by skilled craftsmen, it has been made through multiple processes such as stamping, welding, and painting to create the perfect metal texture that will last for decades without rusting or tarnishing. The eco-friendly baking paint used provides an ultra smooth surface with no toxic chemicals involved in its creation! With two recessed circular bases designed specifically for holding cruets - you'll never have to worry about spills at your dining table again! And what's more? Part of this sailboat also doubles up as wall decor too: simply hang on any sturdy nail or hook near the stovetop so all can appreciate its beauty while preparing their own meal!'

Material: Iron
Color: Blue, beige, orange 
Size: 13*7*16.5cm / 5.1*2.8*6.5in (L*W*H)
Weight: 130g / 4.6oz