Serene Angel Home Decor - Peaceful & Stylish Room Accessory

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Style: Angel 1 S

Serene & Peaceful Angel Modern Home Decor

The angel holding the dove stood quietly, looking very gentle and peaceful. The sculpture is made of high-quality resin materials with iron wings, crafted by craftsmen through turning modeling, coloring and other processes. After several hand-painted by the craftsmen coupled with imitation wood carving makes this piece shows a different texture that complements it's temperament: romantic art! This statue measures 9.5 or 14 1/2 inches tall; perfect for displaying on any shelf!
A solitary human figure stands in front of an open window; his head tilted back as if he were trying to see what was going on inside these walls from afar. He holds tightly onto one winged being while another rests comfortably against him - both look down at something we cannot yet


Color: Wood color
Material: Resin

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