Deer Head Art Book Magnifier

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Nowadays, people need to have a good magnifier for work and study. This silver deer shaped hard cover optical glasses is perfect because it has high clarity, long time use won't be out of shape or damaged by sweat. It can also be placed in the living room with its noble style which is beautiful enough not only for reading but as decoration too!

This wonderful device will make your life more convenient and enjoyable in all aspects- working or studying at home without any stress about damaging this delicate tool from carelessness when using since these are made with stainless steel frame that feels comfortable on hands instead of slippery like other plastic frames you might find elsewhere; they also provide eye protection while checking maps during travel trips outside city limits so no worries there

Material: Stainless steel, ox bone and glass
Color: Brown and silvery
Size: 17 * 17 * 23cm / 6.7 * 6.7 * 9in
Weight: 350g / 12.3oz
Deer Head Art Book Magnifier