Swinging Angel Kids Bedroom Wall Decor Clock

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The Cartoon Angel Clock is one of the few clocks that can accurately display whether you are running late or not. Her wings move and count time for you as she silently gets to work, even while in your bedroom! MDF makes up a sturdy structure with no frames obstructing her beautiful feathers from view. This silent alarm clock will keep track of any moment lost without disturbing sleep nor working hours either way- all it requires are some nails on your wall so she may stay put!

Material: MDF (medium-density fiberboard) 
Color: Blue, white, yellow
Size: 31.5*5.5*26.5cm / 12.4*2.2*10.4in (L*W*H) 
Weight: 270g / 9.52oz
Swinging Angel Kids Bedroom Wall Decor Clock