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Woman With Book by Picasso Art Wall Poster - Printing On Canvas

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From the renowned artist's famous French period, these bold striking colors will increase visual interest in any room.
The 1920s was a difficult decade for Pablo Picasso. His favorite model and partner of many years, Fernande Olivier, moved to Southern France with her new lover. As heartbreaking as this event was for Picasso, it also had one positive effect on his work: a burst of creativity inspired by black-and-white still life paintings he created out of desperate loneliness.
Proving that art can speak volumes about feelings we cannot fully express ourselves (or just don't want to), Picasso produced some of his most emotional works in reaction to events that seem unimaginably poignant from our perspective today.

The fabric is high-quality waterproof coated cotton canvas with delicate and even texture. It's one of the best materials for a poster, as it has thick sturdy qualities that provide protection from water damage while also being sun protective too! The material was spray painted onto the latest version printer, which makes sure every print is exquisite in quality thanks to its original living color ink printing process. This means your posters will never fade or look dull after time either; they are vivid through and durable!

Material: Canvas
Package content: 1pc, roll in the PVC tube for protection
Note: the frame is not included

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