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World Map DIY Minimalist Modern Wall Decor Clock

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World Map DIY Minimalist Modern Wall Decor Clock

Your walls are boring.

Let's face it, most wall decor is overpriced and underwhelming. I mean, how many times have you bought a piece of wall art thinking it was going to be the perfect accent for your home or office? Too many times! It doesn't matter if you're looking to makeover a room in your house or redecorate an entire office building, there are so many options out there that leave you feeling disappointed when they arrive at your door.

The World Map DIY Minimalist Modern Art Wall Decor Clock is exactly what you've been looking for. This stunning clock offers a unique twist on traditional world maps by displaying each country as its own individual piece of art that can be hung individually or together with other pieces from our collection to create an eye-catching display that will draw attention wherever it goes! Whether hanging above the fireplace in the living room or above the desk in the study this map

- Requires 1xAA battery (not included)
- Environmentally Friendly Acrylic Material
- Metal Pointer/Needle
- Size: Large: 74X34CM / Extra-Large: 120X55CM
- Colors: Black/White or a colorful variation

World Map DIY Minimalist Modern Wall Decor Clock

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